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Virginia Gold Cup


Virginia Gold Cup has attracted the who’s who in the DC area since 1922.  More than 50,000 attendees will gather at the Great Meadow in The Plains, Virginia on May 5, 2012 to celebrate race day which features six hurdle and timber horses races, Jack Russell Terrier races, hospitality tents, tailgating, hat contests and vendor booths.

Gold Cup is one of the largest events in the Washington, DC area.  A sponsor has a plethora of opportunities for lead generation and brand awareness.  As one of “the must-not-miss” social events to attend, Gold Cup is a great venue to host a hospitality tent to impress clients or to show your appreciation to employees.

Email us today to find out how attractive the demographics are for this event (  Here’s a sneak peak – 30% of attendees have incomes more than $200,000.

Sponsorship Opportunities


For a sponsor that wants the company’s brand introduced or reestablished within the inner-circles of National Steeplechase Racing and with the VGCA VIPs. Sponsors will have a captured audience of horse owners, government officials, celebrities and business executives for the afternoon of racing. This sponsorship includes the opportunity to entertain, in a turnkey fashion, 20 of the sponsor’s VIP clients in the Chairman’s Box and O/T/R Tent – giving a close behind the scenes look.


Join in the race day festivities by presenting the “Best Turned Out Horse” Award for each of the five races.  This award shows the grooms how much we appreciate the hard work and dedication it takes to get the horses looking their best on race day!


As the exclusive sponsor of the race-day Jumbotrons, the sponsor will reach the largest number of spectators numerous times during the day’s events. Your banners will be prominently displayed on both the North and South Jumbotrons to make a lasting impression on the 50,000 viewers.


Making the Most Out of Your Sponsorship

Organizations can garner greater ROI if they invest in their sponsorship beyond simply writing a check.  Go beyond getting the traditional logo recognition at the event.  Logo recognition gets you the brand awareness at the event which is valuable – but why stop there?  There are many ways to use your sponsorship to benefit your organization.

First determine what your business objective is.  Will you use your sponsorship for prospective customers, employee relations, or customer appreciation/retention?

Invite prospects to attend your hospitality tent.  Sometimes the best sales are closed outside of the board room.  Show your prospects that they mean more to you than the potential business they bring to your organization.  Build your relationship in a fun, low-pressure environment.

Use your sponsorship in a sales promotion. For a B2C company that wants to drive sales, a retailer could promote “Buy now, get an exclusive invitation to our VIP tent.”

Reward your loyal customers.  Do you have a loyalty program?  Customers get promotional fatigue with the routine discounts.  Offer something different such as access to your VIP tent.  It’s different and sets you apart from your competitor.  The money that you invest in discounts can be rerouted to creating a memorable experience your customers will appreciate.

Show how much you appreciate your employees. Looking for an alternative to the usual company picnic and holiday party.  Host your annual employee event with Gold Cup.  Make the experience fun and host interactive activities such as encouraging your employees to have a hat competition of their own.

After you build your strategy, determine what and how you will measure the success of your sponsorship.  What is it that you hope to accomplish with your sponsorship?  This will help you determine if the sponsorship is right for you and whether you will renew your sponsorship for the next event.  Metrics could include:  number of employees attended, new business acquired, or number of customers retained. Don’t forget the softer side of sponsorship where numbers could not be applied.  It’s difficult to place a dollar amount on customer and employee happiness.  Consider what you might loose if employees/customers are not happy.

There is a mathematical science to sponsorships.  IEG (the sponsorship people) developed internationally-recongized values for different sponsorship assets. You can place a value on everything from logo recognition in a program to website impressions. Events by Design exclusively uses IEG’s valuation methodology.  We can help you develop your strategy, implement your sponsorship, and evaluate its effectiveness.

For more ideas or strategies on how to make the most out of you sponsorship or hospitality tent, Email or call 703.579.1496.

Find Out More

Contact us today to learn more about sponsorship and tent hospitality opportunities at the 87th Annual Virginia Gold Cup steeplechase.  Email or call 703.579.1496.
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